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Funding growth with non-dilutive working capital  for ClimateTechs

Clime Up offers Purchase Order (PO) Financing for fast-growing ClimateTechs producing green hardware and materials. We offer innovative and bespoke working capital financing to medium-sized companies and scale-ups to fuel their growth trajectories. Thanks to secured lending and private debt, we can offer financing solutions that complement other traditional forms of financing. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to net-zero by bridging the ClimateTech and SME funding gap.

Obtain non-dilutive capital




Les arbres forestiers

Fuel your business growth

Benefit from immediate access to the working capital necessary to fulfill large orders when traditional financing avenues may be inaccessible.


Earn flexibility

PO Financing is flexible and can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your business, whether you are a scale-up or a midsize company. 

Image de Vicky Sim

More capital with no dilution

Don't give up ownership or control of your company and raise significantly more debt capital than equity or venture debt, decreasing overal cost of capital.

Image de Wes Hicks

Strengthen your supply chain

Reliable and early supply payments can help you negotiate favorable terms with suppliers, leading to cost savings on raw materials and production.

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Mitigate delivery risks

Secure the necessary capital before production, and minimize the risk of running out of funds during the fulfillment process, ensuring timely delivery to your customers.

Sustain your growth.


Free your working capital.

Do you qualify?

  • Company based in the USA, Canada, UK or CH

  • Green Hardtech or Deeptech


  • 3+ years in business

  • B2B or B2G business model

  • Credit insured or high quality customers​​


  • Established track record with a TRL of 7+


  • 2M+ (USD, EUR,  CHF) ​recurring financing need

  • Fast growing business​

  • +20% gross profit margin 

Midsize businesses

  • EBITDA break-even

  • Sufficient cash reserves 


  • VC-backed

  • Cash runway of +12 months 



Green Power

Energy Storage & Savings

Green Materials


Circular Economy

Green Mobility

Free your working capital

Case study

back-up power

A ClimateTech seeking non-dilutive working capital to finance the production of its next-generation hydrogen fuel cell technologies capable of providing reliable zero emissions power for mobility and stationary applications. Using structured finance, Clime Up is able to arrange a working capital facility with significant more capital, lower costs and no equity dilution compared to equity or venture debt.

Simplified Transaction Structure



2. Purchase Order

3. Supplies & Invoice

6. Goods & Invoice

4. Drawdown request

8. Margin Payments


7. Payments

Special Purpose Vehicle

5. Payment

Interests + Principal




Fund your growth

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