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Funding working capital & growth with non-dilutive capital for ClimateTech manufacturers

Clime Up is a non-dilutive financing platform for best-in-class hardware ClimateTechs. We offer innovative and bespoke working capital and hardware-as-a-service financing solutions, raising capital from savvy private and institutional debt investors. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to net-zero by bridging the funding gap faced by ClimateTech scale-ups and SMEs.

Obtain non-dilutive capital



capital stack

Venture funding is not enough

Venture funding alone is insufficient and too dilutive to reach meaningful scale for ClimateTechs with capital heavy operations to produce and sell hardware and distributed infrastructure solutions.  


Banks are not there when you need them the most

Banks typically do not finance the working capital requirement of scale-ups or SMEs. Companies are left with raising dilutive capital to finance their working capital or worse are unable to fulfill customer orders. 


Scalibility and flexibility is the crux of the matter

Scale-ups or SMEs tapping into international markets are constrained by the limited flexibility offered by banks  (e.g. covenants, geographic scope)  while others have already locked up costly equity capital in distributed infrastructure and as-a-service business models.

Sustain your growth



Our Non-Dilutive Funding Solutions



We fund working capital and as-a-service revenues for scaling venture capital-backed companies  and SMEs allowing them to fuel their growth trajectories. Thanks to securitization and private debt, we can offer financing solutions that complement other traditional forms of financing such as private equity, bank term loans or factoring.

Working Capital

Fulfill large customer purchase orders, optimize your cashflows and negotiate better conditions with your suppliers.


Shift customer Capex into Opex, accelerate sales, and generate high margin recurring cashflows. 



Green Power

Energy Storage

Green Materials


Circular Economy

Green Mobility

Free your working capital



Raise more capital

Raise significantly more debt capital than equity or venture debt, increasing leverage and decreasing overal cost of capital.

Gain flexibility

Raise capital based on your needs and growth prospects with covenant light and cross-border debt financing.

Preserve equity ownership

Preserve equity ownership and control of your company with non-dilutive capital to finance growth.

Increase company valuation

Improve your cashflow, focus on your core business or benefit from high-margin recurring as-a-service revenues.

Scale with non-dilutive capital

Case study

back-up power

A ClimateTech seeking non-dilutive working capital to finance the production of its next-generation hydrogen fuel cell technologies capable of providing reliable zero emissions power for mobility and stationary applications. Using structured finance, Clime Up is able to arrange a working capital facility with significant more capital, lower costs and no equity dilution compared to equity or venture debt.

Simplified Transaction Structure



1. Purchase Order

2. Purchase Order

3. Supplies & Invoice

6. Goods & Invoice

4. Drawdown request

8. Margin Payments


7. Payments

Special Purpose Vehicle

5. Payment

Interests + Principal




Fund your growth

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